China: Rhino poaching in S. Africa ‘tantamount to acts of war’

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Unchecked rhino poaching in South Africa is “tantamount to acts of war” and has escalated “from an environmental issue to one of national security,” the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa (GRAA) has said.


“Professionally trained and armed militia from Mozambique enter South Africa to plunder the country’s natural resources on a daily basis,” the GRAA said in a statement available to Xinhua on Wednesday. “These actions are tantamount to acts of war and such actions are putting not only South African citizens at risk but also one of South Africa’s economic sectors namely tourism,” the group said. It urged the South African government to take a zero tolerance approach to “what amounts to total disrespect of the country’s borders”….

Greer Noble‘s insight:

Africa loves China.. welcomes them with open arms.. trade agreements in place etc. South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. China is rebuilding roads, farms, airports etc in exchange for land and other natural resourses. Africans are not threatened by Chinese as they ‘appear’ to be non-political. Most Africans are not conservation minded either. They very badly need to be educated in this regard.. and the merits of echo-tourism. Not sure why China would be inciting ‘war’?!!!

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