Mozambique stalls anti-poaching pact

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A formal memorandum of understanding aimed at controlling biodiversity crimes like rampant rhino poaching is ready for signing between South Africa and Mozambique. But the signing has been delayed over the past 18 months by Mozambique, although South Africa Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa said she did not believe there was any sinister motive. It was partly the result of a new minister being appointed there.

Noting that two scheduled meetings had been postponed and that she wished the signing had happened “yesterday”, she said: “It is as urgent as possible.”
Molewa was responding to questions at a media briefing on Monday after delivering her budget address in the National Assembly.

Many rhino poachers are believed to enter South Africa from Mozambique in the area where the border fence between the Kruger National Park and Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park was removed to allow the development of the multi-national Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, or peace park.
Kruger has borne the brunt of rhino poaching and this year at least 242 of the 350-plus animals poached thus far have been killed there….

Greer Noble‘s insight:

How much time does Mozambique need to get their act together for God’s sake? Bill Gates where are you?! How about offering rewards for poachers so that EVERYONE will be out to catch THEM.. for the reward. Poisoning of horn is also good. All we need is a few rhino horn ‘consumers’ to die and it might just change their rediculous ‘superstition’! Edna Molewa should spend every waking moment working on this.. or perhaps some new blood on the job is needed?!

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