U.S. drones will protect rhinos by combating poachers

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WASHINGTON _ The exact location of the anti-poaching operation is secret, as is the number of rangers who will be on duty. Also confidential: where the drones will fly as they search out poachers intent on slaying rhinos for their horns _ one killed every 11 hours in South Africa alone. But over the next several days, Tom Snitch thinks that his project, at a private game farm adjoining South Africa’s famed Kruger National Park, will prove that unmanned aerial vehicles can end the scourge of rhinoceros poaching….



Greer Noble‘s insight:

2013 – 350 rhinos in South Africa butcherd – 1 killed every 11 hours

2012 – 668 endangered rhinos died for their horns

73% worlds rhino in South Africa

Sold in Asia, particularly in Vietnam

Should WWF not target Vietnam?


See on www.ryot.org


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