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Greer Noble‘s insight:

Over the last 30 years of holidaying on the island, we have seen Mauritius deteriorate considerably. It’s now not only over populated, it has traffic problems second to none and is inunundated with tourist hotels crowding it’s once pristine coastline. It’s become decidedly seedy and is best not to venture out of the confines of your hotel. Public beaches are dirty with cigarette butts, broken glass and often sleezy onlookers. The sea too is poluted.. and among the many, mostly seedy yet expensive sea-front restaurants, mangy ‘packs’ of dogs run rampant, snarling, fornicating and searching for food while you eat. We lived for three months in Grand Baie, exploring the island extensively, which put us off forever and all I can say is on entering the country, at the airport, the banner that says ‘Welcome to paradise’, or words to that effect, should be changed to.. ‘Welcome to paradise.. we want your money but we don’t really want you’!

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