Saving Africa’s Wildlife: Do the Young Care? Are They Aware? – Nikela

See on Scoop.itMy Funny Africa.. is this the lions last roar?

Rhino, elephants, lion and other wildlife is being poached and hunted at alarming rates as the illegal trade becomes more lucrative. … Save Africa’s Wildlife: Stop the Poachers – Don’t Eat, Wear or Hang it on your Wall.

Greer Noble‘s insight:

The only other way to stop it.. to prevent extinction of the species.. is for governments of the world to make it a capital offence punishable the same way as the ‘crime’ is committed, ie if the animal is hacked and allowed to bleed to death, the perpetrator should be butchered in the same cruel way.. an eye for an eye..
For a deterrant to work there has to be an example. And for the end man, the instigator of such heinous acts, to be punished as an accomplice.. as he would be were he behind any other type of murder.


Sound terrible?  Well isn’t what these people are doing just as terrible? War is terrible.. and its fought over land. Land cannot become extinct. This is paramount to war. Or would you prefer these beautiful species to become just a memory?

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