Serengeti Highway Compromise Proposed by Famed Scientist

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Newark, N.J. — Building an elevated highway across the Serengeti may not sound like the most feasible or wise idea. But that’s exactly what Kenyan scientist and conservationist Richard Leakey proposed yesterday (May 14), saying it could be the best solution for humans and wildlife.


In Tanzania and Kenya, there has been debate about how to connect the Lake Victoria region and its growing human population with areas to the east. A plan to build a highway connecting the two regions has been hotly contested, because the road would traverse the iconic Serengeti, which is home to some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife and habitat….

Greer Noble‘s insight:

How unsightly that would be.. and what a field day the workers will have during the years in its construction!!! But at least it’s a compromise. Perhaps Dr Leakey could up the anti by including an ‘army’ of anti poaching game guards?!

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