South African businessman behind elephant poisonings

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Zimbabwean police are bringing their investigations into the deaths of at least 64 elephants by cyanide poisoning in the Hwange National Park to an end….


Police revealed that the poachers would mix up a combination of cyanide, salt and water. This would then be poured onto salt licks at watering holes known to be frequented by elephants. At other watering holes the poachers would dig holes and place containers containing the deadly mixture into the holes.


The technique was so effective at killing elephants that when the poachers took police to the sites that had been contaminated there were bodies of elephants with small tusks still intact because it wasn’t worth the effort to take the tusks, The poachers were being paid as little as $700 for 9 tusks….

Greer Noble‘s insight:

This is ‘Robin Hood’ in reverse.. here we have ‘robbing the poor to pay the rich’. TOURISM is the ‘goose that lays the golden eggs!’ Poachers are killing tourism. Tourism brings much needed work and, in many instances, funds governments. There should be huge rewards that result in the arrest of poachers. And even bigger rewards leading to the arrest of the evil perpetrators BEHIND the poachers.

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