King of beasts losing ground in Uganda’s paradise –

See on Scoop.itMy Funny Africa.. is this the lions last roar?

Conservationists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of St. Andrews warn that Uganda’s African lions—a mainstay of the country’s tourism industry and a symbol of Africa—are on the verge of …

Greer Noble‘s insight:

Is it poverty, ignorance or greed.. or all three?  It’s time to call in the Big Guns, the real wealth – royalty, Arab oil magnets, the Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and Warren Buffett’s of this world. PLEASE HELP, these magnificent creatures need you! But then so do those poor wretched people of the Philippines. The greedy should look at that and forget about their greed for the moment.. then maybe these lion could have reprieve they deserve!!! 

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